We are married couple who like to enjoy life with other nice people :)



A type of person who is trying to be simply good and give a lot to other people. He is interested in history of journalism and old films. He watchs a lot of movies. Everyday he works in municipal office – in work he is responsible for registry office (among others he is giving marriages to people who don’t want to get married in the church).  He is 3rd ligue basketball player in the town Limanowa and 3-4 times a week plays basketball. He likes photography and makes many proffesional art photographs. From time to time he is sailing, biking and playing volleyball and football. He likes to listen to ethnic music and jazz. In free moments read books – especially about history.



Dreamer, explorer and traveller. She likes to be between people but also make many of her travels alone. Everyday photographer (Barwy Marzeń) and sometimes mountain guide.  She likes long travels, nature and hikes in the mountains. From time to time she likes also biking, canoeing and sailing. At home her passion is garden and in the summer she spends long hours there.  She is interested in natural building, self-builded caravans and campers and places with the atmosphere. And also hand-made bulgarian ceramics. Love to listen to life guitar and folk music played by others. Vegetarian who loves animals and who like to eat in healthy way. She is running her personal blog: gosiaaugustyniak.pl