New Year time in the house 2015/2016

After Christmas we havn’t stopped receiving guests. Everyday many people were coming and leaving. We were hiking, cooking and playing games together. We went skiing and snowboarding, we made a bonfire by the river and sing songs there, Jarek organized basketball game with guests and his local friends. There were people from Greece, India, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Israel, USA, New Zealand, Malesia, France, Taiwan, Hong-Kong, China, Japan, Brasil, Belarus, Ukraine and Italy. For New Year eve there were 40 people in the house – some people were from Poland and some from abroad. For midnight we went ourside and we were watching fireworks from the bridge. We had also special guest for New Year. Japanese couple came with the life rabit – they travel for few years on their bikes and in Iran they got a rabit as a gift :) Last New Year guests left on 6th January. During all this Christmas/New Year time there were more then 80 people in the house. It was wonderful time :)

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