If you are coming with your own car just type those gps coordinators in google satelite map or in your gps: 49.597869, 20.309271

or just click this link: our house on the map

You can come here from many dirrections but the most popular dirrection from where most of people are coming to us is the way with a bus from Kraków. So I will decribe this way : )

Once you are in Kraków you need to come to main bus station (it’s 2 minutes from main train station and 15 minutes from the Main Square). From there buses to our village are coming average every hour. The final destinations of buses coming to our place are Szczawnica or Ochotnica Górna. Don’t be confused: names Szczawnica (the final destination of the bus, famous town, touristic place and spa) and Szczawa (our village on the way where you need to get off) sounds simmilar. Be sure that you buy the ticket to Szczawa. The ticket should cost ab. 15zł (ab.3euro).

Once you are in the bus in Kraków write us sms that you are in the bus and what time this bus is leaving Kraków. Then if we can we will plan our time to be able to pick you up from the bus stop in Szczawa (we will agree it with you before). It takes ab.1,5 hour to get to Szczawa from Kraków.

Szczawa is long village (ab.8km) so from the time when you see the welcoming board “Szczawa” at the side of the road, you need ab.10 minutes more to get to the center of the village.

The best ask the driver to tell you where to get off. I know only one driver on this route who speaks some english, rest of them know only one english sentence (“show me your ticket”). So if you want to be sure that he understands you, you can write on the paper the sentence below and show to him when you enter the bus: “Jadę do miejscowości Szczawa do znajomych. Jadę tam po raz pierwszy. Czy będzie mi Pan mógł powiedzieć kiedy będę miał wysiąść? Dziękuję” (means: “I’m going to the village Szczawa do my friends. I’m going there for the first time. Could you tell me when to get off? Thank you.”)


When you are on the bus stop in Szczawa center you or wait for one of us if we agreed that we can pick you up or if not follow the instructions below.

Once you get off on the bus stop in the center of the village you need to walk about 1km more (ab. 15 minutes) in the same dirrection where your bus has left (there is no bus stop farther that’s why you need to follow the bus).



You need to walk ab. 1km. On the way you will pass the church and the shop. After walking this 1km you will see cementary on your right. In this place on another side of the road then cementary is there is the smaller road (but still asphalt) turning left from the main road and going through the bridge. You need to take this road and cross the bridge.



When you cross the bridge then the first house after the bridge is ours. Its hiden a little bit behind trees.