House history

The house where we live in, Jarek inheritated from his family. When he was young this house belonged to his grandparents and Jarek was spending a lot of time here.

Jarek is living in this house from 2005 and Gosia joined him in 2010. We  have changed this house o lot during those years but let’s start the history from the beggining.

When 3 years ago we were changing floors in the kitchen and in one room then under the floor in the room we found a log with the date on it 1892. It was a part of the house builded then – probably the log was at the beggining in the kitchen that the date could be visable.


As we know from Jarek’s grandma in 1930 came the big flood and destroyed the house. They used what was left from old house (also this log with date) and builded the new one.

Then the house had only one floor – kitchen and one room. The entrance to the house was not to the kitchen but to the small vestibule (where now is bathroom and half of staircase) and from there you entered kitchen and room which was probably connected with the kitchen like now. The toilet was always outside til the time when Jarek made the bathroom in the house in 2005.

On the left from entrance it was additional small part of the building (where now the guestroom downstairs is) – first it was a storage and later room for guests for summer – but the conditions were totally different then now, it was not heated and the entrance was from outside. It was no terrace then.


The oldest photo of the house which we have. The house is withoout veranda, the windows (which you see here) from the kitchen and from the room are going streight outside. The entrance door is in the place where now we have staircase. There is still no entrance to the cellar from outside – it was inside from the vestibule. This fence was the border between garden for flowers and garden for animals.

The house was always the first house in this settlement (this part of the village is called Bulandy settlement) and as Jarek’s aunt is saying – it was always open house where all the neighbours were sitting, where people from other parts of the village were coming.


Those who have been here can recognise this place. Our house had only one floor and no veranda then. It’s of course the first behind the trees on the left :)


Here they already made outside entrance to the cellar which exist til now (can you recognize it?). Later they only moved the doors 2 meters right and they made veranda in the area where the lady is sitting.

Jarek grandparents had 4 children. When they were adult 2 of them moved out and 2 of them stayed at home. They both got married and had 2 children each. It means that for few years there were 10 people living in the small space of kitchen and one room. So they started changing the house. They made additional room for one family: they moved main house entrance to the kitchen and from the small vestibule they made another room (for 2 adults and 2 children – I can’t imagine how they squized there).

They also added veranda to the house. Firstly it was without the windows.


Main doors are already moved to the kitchen. Firstly veranda was without windows.


Later they decide to make the house bigger. They made the construction of the second floor and put the roof over it.

But during this times both Jareks uncles got jobs abroad and they started building their own houses. Now both families are living in their own houses for many years. So the second floor was left without being finished with holes in the walls, without the floor, only with logs contruction.



In the room which now is the living room

In 1997 came the big flood and the water came into the garden. It was 4 meters from the house and was very close to take the house away. Family was escaping with the valuables they can hold. Our neighbour remember til now one guy running to his house with tv-set. Luckily the flood left the house. But it took away one farm building which was in the garden.


Our house after the flood in 1997


The building on the right was taken away by a flood.

After the flood family started building their new house much faster. They moved away and took grandma with them (as she was already old and grandpa died few years before).

The house stayed empty for some years and it was more and more destroyed.

When family was sharing properties Jarek got this house. The house was in the bad shape. The money needed for renovation was bigger then money to build the new house. And when you built the new house you can plan everything as you like and use the newest technologies. But Jarek loved this house, it remind him the best memorries from his childhood with grandparents and he decided to make this place alive again.

Before moving here Jarek had to prepare the house as after some time of staying empty house was not ready for moving in (holes in the walls, leaking roof etc).


He changed some rotten logs, made fundament stronger in few places, he changed the roof coverage and prolonged it that space for new room was made (our room now). He made finally the bathroom in the house, connected house with village canalisation, made all warm and cold water pipes system. The old oven was heating only by itself so Jarek had to change it (it was not possible to connect water system to it). He made the new coal oven, put pipes and heaters and made oven heat water to heaters and for using in the house. He fixed the walls and painted them. It was a lot of work and money. But after all this was done he could move in.

Many of our friends remember the house from this time. Jarek was incredible hospitable. There were so many friends and friends of friends spending weekends and holidays here or coming just for 1 day visit.

Jarek was living alone for 5 years and then Gosia joined him and from this time we started creating this place together.

We made a lot of small jobs like painting rooms inside, changing windows, putting nice wooden planks around the upstairs room, painting all house from outside.

In the late autumn we made finally the guestroom and the terrace.


Next spring we changed floors in the kitchen and in the room which now is the living room.

Next year was time for our room upstairs. It was longer work but when we finished we moved up we could think about arranging space downstairs for guests.

Next spring was the long working time.We put new big window in the room which now is the living room (in the place where was small window in the begginings of the house) and we changed rooten logs in the room.

We started preparing second floor (before it was only our room ready there which was not connected with other warm part of the house). It was long work. We made a floor, walls isolation, heaters, water system, all pipes for future bathroom, we changed 2 windows and put 2 new windows. We plan in the future to divide this big area into 3 rooms. And in the end we made the staircase and connected downstairs with upstairs.

And next year we made 2 entresols upstairs (where 10 people can sleep).

We connected kitchen with living-room. We renovated living room also.

This is for now. We have many plans and when we have some money we are making next things. Now the first plan is bathroom upstairs : )