Our place

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This is the page about the place which we created and we which we want to share with others.

In the beautiful village called Szczawa there is an old wooden house by the river.

We are 2 people living permanently here – marriage Jarek and Gosia.

Our idea is to have the house open for all people who want to come, visit us, share nice moments and great ideas with us.  House where everyone can feel cozy, comfortable, relaxed and at home. Place where many friendships can start and where all people who meet even a moment before can feel like a family. Where people can rest during long travel. And where guests from abroad can feel what Poland really is. Welcome home : )


We are hosting people for free – we don’t want to make a hostel or b&b. We like sharing and giving. Also we fell that if we charge money then some magic between us and people will disappear and it will be standard exchange: place to sleep for money. Its nice but we choose another way. Our idea is to spend time together with people, share, enjoy, learn new things from each other. Opening the house is for us a possibility to surround our home with wonderful people and share joy and happiness everyday : )

Our house is rarely empty. Most of the time if you come you will meet here other nice people: our friends, family, neigbours, friends of our friends, people who we picked up when they were hitch-hiking or people from couchsurfing, bewelcome, trustroots, warm showers (organizations which connects travellers from all over the world with local people who are hosting them for free in their houses).

We like a lot when nice people are coming or for tea, or for afternoon visit or for a night or few or (if we get well together) for some longer time to us : )

Our house is not very big but big enough to host some people :). The biggest number of people in one time sleeping in the house was 40. But this happen only 2-3 times a year for our birthdays or New Year. Everything depands on who people are and what conditions they expect. The space to sleep for guests its big area upstairs with many beds and if there are more people at the same time you need to share this area with other people.

So what we have in the house for our guests:

  • big space upstairs with many beds – depands if there are children and couples in the group and if people are group of friends or not – it can fit from 20 to 30 people. In the night is always quiet to sleep here as those who want to sit and talk are doing it downstairs.







  • 2 entresols where you go up with the ladder and you sleep on the mattresses (photo is from the times before we put mattresses there) – can fit ab.10 people


  • In emergency we have space to sleep also in living room on the floor but we never used it, as during the events people are siting and talking there till late night and first children with their parents wake up and sit there from early morning.
  • in the summer place for the tent in the garden (well, in winter too 😉 )

In the future we plan to make also a small house (16m2) in the garden for guests. Its going to be strawbale house (clay&straw) with the grass on the roof. And buy old caravan, paint it in flowers and use it as another small summer house for our guests :)