We have a dog and 12 cats living in the house.

Dog is moving freely inside and outside and she lives in the kitchen and living room.

All cats are living only inside the house. Two of them in the kitchen and living room and 10 of them in the big cat room :)

There are no cats in the space where guests are sleeping.

Its very important to keep cats (especially two kitchen cats who are near main door) inside the house and not let them go out (we loose to many cats in short time by letting them go outsite – its not safe area for cats).

Our dog and cats are very friendly and they are used to stay with small kids.


Zuza – 13 years old half husky/half german shepherd. Female. She is here from the time when she was little. Everyone loves her <3



Ana & Dori – orange sisters. They live in the kitchen and living room. They like each other very much. They play together all the time. And the most important is that you never know which one is which as they are twins and look exactly the same :)



Merci – cat which like the most staying close to people, sleeping on people, hugging all the time and spending hours on someones laps. She is very nice and gentle.



Marco – very nice and sweet organe-white cat. He likes playing with people and hunting flies : ) Some guests call him a “star” as he like having attention all the time and he enjoy the most when people play with him.



Laf – sweet, calm and a little shy cat. Brother of Marco :)



Bond – lovely and calm cat. He like being close to people. He has the biggest amount of hair you can imagine on the cat :D



Bahati – she is a princess. And she behave like a princess. Staying a little bit away, calm and distanced. Sister of Bond.



India – the oldest from our cats. She is very nice and calm. She has very magical colors and she looks misteriously :)



Pompon – the biggest from our cats. He is the king among cats but on another hand he is very bad in climbing 😀 But despite this all cats respect him.



Kong – our “penguin”. He is really good in making strange noices when he is hungry :) Nice and friendly cat but also big individuality.



Kiara – very friendly cat who like to stay close to people. She is a sister of Pompon.



Dream – the youngest from our cats. He is the best climber. He loves people and he is coming very often to sit near. He is very nice and sweet :)