First of all: WELCOME! And feel like at home :)

Lets say that there are 2 very important things which we want to write at the beggining:

  1. Cats. There are cats which are living only inside the house. I will tell you this again at the beggining when you arrive but it’s very, very important that you always close the doors behind you and do not open full windows.

  2. Second very important thing: We don’t want to have anyone drunk in the house. It’s no problem if you drink alcohol in our house. Cold beer after long hike in the mountains or home-made fruit alkohol which people drink together in the evening can be great but please drink far from your limits. If someone is behaving not nice after drinking too much of alkohol we will ask him to leave immediatelly. Fortunatelly it never happened but we really don’t like poeple aggressively shouting, falling down, destroying things or vomiting here just because they were in the mood to drink to much.

And some other things which can be useful to have nice time:

  • If you want to come ask us through email or phone. If we are at home we are hosting also last minute guests but it’s always easier to plan for us if we know that you are coming in advance. If we know before we can reorganize our plans to be able to host you. When we are not at home then other people from our family are staying here and taking care of animals and they are not hosting. So we can’t give you place to stay when we travel ourselves. When we are at home most of the time we host everyone who wants to come. There are rare situations when we say ‘no’ – for example when we are very sick.
  • When you are here you can use the kitchen – fell free to use all stuff to prepare food – plates, cutlery, pots, bowls and gas cooker. After using you don’t have to do dishes in the sink – just put them on the top of dishwasher as when we are many we save hot water for showers. (please put dishes on the top of dishwasher, not inside as some things can’t go into dishwasher and we want to put stuff inside by ourselves). Dishwasher can be used only by us (include putting stuff in, starting and taking stuff off). The biggests pots, pans and wooden boards please wash in the sink.
  • In the kitchen there is big coal-oven which heats the house and the water in the winter. Only we are using it. When its too cold for you in the house tell us and we will start a fire in the oven and warm the house. This oven is conected with water system and we need to control manually temperature inside.
  • Food – there is very big fridge in the kitchen (400liters). There are few shelves which are our shelves and few shelves for guests. Use those for guests. If you are not sure which, just ask us :) Be careful to use only your own food. Other people had to pay for their food the same as you and as long as they don’t want to share with you it’s their private food. In the fridge there is also one shelf for sharing. If you want to share with others you can leave something there. If you want to eat something from this shelf you can eat all what is lying there.
  • Everyone is buying food for himself (shop is 1km from the house), cooking for himself and cleaning after himself – that’s the basic rule. Of course its very nice when we share or cook for everyone and in practice sharing is what mostly happen here, but do not force anyone to do it 😉 If we or guests want to share it’s our own decision.
  • When we have time we like preparing food for our guests espacially when they are coming after long trip. If you want to make food for everyone its very nice but do it only when you have time and you want to do it :)  Gosia doesn’t eat meat, Jarek doesn’t eat onion. If we have time we can also make the dinner together.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the house. If you like to smoke you can do it outside. Please clean butts after you (some guys from Asia who were staying here for a week were throwing butts into the garden so thats why now I’m writing about it ;)). You can use ashtray which is on the terrace or near the main door.
  • For most of people its obvious but because we had expections: please don’t change wall decoration of our house. If we have something on our walls – leave it as it is. Even we love having a lot of people here – it’s still our house 😉
  • Bathroom – when we are more in the house (let’s say more then 5 people) then we have to think about water which we use. Warm water is limited and its 150l. in the winter and 300l. in the summer. To heat new warm water we need to make a fire again in the oven (to have warm water again its 2hours waiting and 30minutes of our work). So if we are more in the house please use only amount of warm water that you need. But don’t be stressed – don’t worry, take a normal shower. Just don’t take long 20 minutes showers then.
  • Before taking a shower check first if there is warm water (open the tap and wait ab.30seconds). If there is not, tell us – we will heat it for you :)
  • If you need to make a laundry it’s no problem – just ask one of us to start washing mashine. Only we are using washing mashine. We will also give you dryer for your clothes :)
  • There is wifi in the house. There are 2 routers, use one which is stronger in the place where you sit.
  • Please use your own cosmetics in the bathroom. If you don’t have shampoo ask me and I will give you mine for this time but try to have your own :) And please don’t use cosmetics of other people without asking (as we had strange situations with this). Well – of course soap on the sink and toilet paper is to use for everyone haha 😀
  • If you don’t have your own towel ask us about it- we have many towels for guests : )
  • If you don’t have your own sleeping bag ask us and we will give you beddings. You can also use blankets and sleeping bags which are on the shelf in the big area upstairs (only please don’t use sleeping bags if you are very dirty as other people will sleep in it later after you)
  • Do not use vacuum cleaner. As our house is getting very dirty in a very short time (dogs, cats, many guests, oven in the kitchen), we have a special one with a washing option. It’s not working the same as regular one, its running with water inside, so we decided that only we will use it. If you want to help us with cleaning the house ask us how can you help – there is always a lot of work to do here :)
  • Please don’t pick flowers from our garden (Im writing because people used to do this). Garden is Gosia’s big hobby and every flower is special for her.
  • Cats loves meat, cheese, cream, creamy sweets, boiled and peeled eggs – thats why don’t store them on the floor, chairs, shelfs in the kitchen and don’t leave them on the table when you go to the different room – put them to the fridge when you are not eating them. If cats are not sleeping this kind of left food will for sure disappear. Backpack is not a protection – they will try to destroy your backpack to steal a smelly sausage 😉
  • If you are travelling with small child we have at home a baby cot, baby carriage and child seat to the car which you can use :)
  • There is recycling in our house. Please read the instruction in the kitchen or ask me when you are not sure. Be aware that if you put for example some dirty stuff to plastic I have to separate it later by my hands – and I hate it 😀 – so please be careful ; )
  • In the living room there is a bookstand with books and maps. There is shelf with maps and informations about the area and about Poland. Its for everyone to read and use.
  • If you want to buy something for the house then things which we all use like toilet paper and dishwasher tablets are always welcome. There are many people coming and going all the time so we need here much, much more of this things then the average house :)
  • Normally you can stay with us as long as you want. But the condition is that we need to fell good with you and you need to feel good with us :) Thats our home and it’s very important for us to have nice and friendly atmosphere where everyone feels good and at home : )