Szczawa & around

There are many things which you can do around our place. First I will write about Szczawa, second about mountains around and third about ideas for car trips around.

  1. Szczawa


  • Just 100m from our house there is a river where in the summer local people make dams and you can swim in the river pools.



  • In the center of our village you can go to the pump-room – place where you can try special mineral waters which comes streight from the ground. This is very special – if you are not used to it the taste can be very strange for you. Many people comes to Szczawa for healthy reasons and they drink this waters 2 or 3 times a day.


  • Practical information – there are 3 shops in the Szczawa center (1km from our house) where you can buy food. They have most of things people need to cook so you don’t need to carry everything from the city.
  • There is a very beautiful valley just behind our house. You can walk for about 5km through the forest one way without leaving the valley. The forest way is broad and it’s not very stip so it’s perfect if you want to enjoy nature and not get tired from hiking up.


  • In the winter through the valley which we mentioned above there are organized horse slides with music, torches and bonfire in the end.
  • Kamienica – next village, 4km from Szczawa. You can see there palace and park complex from XIX century. This village is bigger then ours and you can find 2 nice restaurants there and more shops.

kamienica dworek

  • Kamienica – horse riding – if you want to ride a horse with the instructor you can do it 4km from our house.


  • In the village Lubomierz 10km from us there is ski-lift where in the winter you can rent skis, snowboard and enjoy downhill skiing. The internet page of this place is

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  • In the village Zalesie 12km from our house (6 in the streight line) there is a place where you can rent for free (European Union project) bicycles in the summer and skis in the winter. Those skis are for cross-contry skiing. In the area around there are many skiing and biking routes. The internet page of this project is


  • In all the area you can see old wooden houses built in the local style. And very beautiful wooden roadside chapels and crosses.
  • Every week there are local open air markets in the villages and towns around. They start early in the morning (ab. 4 am) and finish ab 10 am. There are markets in Łącko, Mszana Dolna, Limanowa, Stary Sącz and the most famous huge market in Nowy Targ where now also many people from Slovakia are coming and prices are also in euro. On such markets you can buy life animals, all kind of plans, clothes, fruits and veggies, technical equipment, ferniture, local products etc.
  • Folk events – in the summer there are some events in villages around where you can listen to local folk music concerts, see people dressed in traditional local clothes and try tratitional food from our area.



2. Mountains around

There are many beautiful mountain trails around. I will write about few which I think can be interesting for you when you are coming for few days.

  • Mogielica mountain – the highest peak of Beskid Wyspowy mountains (1171m). On the top there is a tower for tourists from where you can enjoy the view in all dirrections. From our house it’s about 4 hours of hiking. If you have a car you can drive 14km to the village Zalesie to the place called Wyrębiska Szczawskie and from there it’s about 1:15h of hiking.
  • Jasień mountain – very beautiful mountain with a huge meadow near the top and a great view. Its good to take a short ride to Przysłop Pass (10km from our house) and start hiking from there. It’s about 2 hours of hiking with beautiful views on the way and later you can return with stip path down in about 40 minutes to the main road.


  • Gorc mountain (1228m) – very nice mountain with the tower for tourists on the top (and beautiful view in all dirrections from there) and huge meadow below the top. On one end of this meadow there is a mountain hut which belongs to our friends. Wooden house with atmosphere without water and electricity.
  • Turbacz mountain – the highest mountain in the mountain range Gorce 1310m. There is a mountain hotel/shelter close to the top where you can stay overnight or eat dinner. It’s about 5 hours hiking from our house. If you take the bus on the way back you can make round trip to Turbacz in 8 hours (if you are quite fit).
  • Pieniny mountains – very nice mountains with stip rocks. You have beautiful view on Dunajec river from the tops. Pieniny are good for 1 day long hike or 2 shorter hikes. You can start hiking from Krościenko (where there is dirrect bus from Szczawa) which is 20 minutes drive from our place.
  • Małe Pieniny mountains – very nice mountain range on polish-slovakian border between town Szczawnica and village Jaworki.

zdjecie na pulpit

  • Koziarz mountain – the mountain and sourrandings have many nice views. Lovely area :)
  • Lubań mountain – nice mountain with the tower and views around.


  • Magurki mountain – small nice mountain, place with nice atmosphere. View tower with the view to the south.

3. Car trips – what to see

  • Biking or rafting in Dunajec Canyon – You can go to the village Sromowce Wyżne and from there you can go with the raft through the canyon to the town Szczawnica. Here is the internet page of this atraction  It costs ab.12 euro per person. Much cheaper and as for us even more interesting is to go to the town Szczawnica and rent a bike there. It costs less then 1 euro per hour. And with the bike you can bike all the canyon (ab.11km). When you go with a bike you cross to Slovakian side as the side of the river where biking route is already belongs to Slovakia. Usually after biking this 11km when people arrive to the small village Czerwony Klasztor in Slovakia on another side of the canyon they sit in one of restaurant which serves traditional Slovakian food. There is nice view on river and mountains from there.
  • Niedzica & Czorsztyn castles and Czorsztyńskie Lake

On the dam on Czorsztyńskie Lake there is this 3d painting


  • Łapszanka – coming closer to Tatra mountains – place with the wonderful view on Tatras
  • Szczawnica – Famous spa, main touristic town in the area. This town has also healthy mineral waters very simmilar as our village has. If you want to go over Szczawnica without hiking then you can take cablecar to Palenica mountain. But if you don’t mind hiking ab.30 minutes up then there is a very beautiful place on another mountain – its called Schronisko pod Bereśnikiem (Mountain hut below the top of Bereśnik mountain). You can come there for tea, for a dinner or overnight. It’s a place with the atmosphere and with a very nice view on Szczawnica, Małe Pieniny mountains, Pieniny Mountains and Tatra mountains. One of our favourite places around : )


  • Stary Sącz – town with very nice main square and famous church

  • Łącko – heart of Małopolska orchards where is produced famous very strong plum brandy


Longer car trips:

  • Kraków – in one sentence I will describe Kraków: place nr 1 to see in Poland. Former capital of Poland with rich history and a lot of monuments, interesting museums and events. Even if you decide to spend there few days it will be always not enough. I can recomend you free walking tours which starts everyday from the Main Square near st. Mary church. They are in English, they are for free (if you like it and if you want you can give a tip in the end), you can meet other nice people who are with you attending the trip, they are guided by people who have a lot of experience and who know how to make it interesting and in short time show you the most important things. We told about them to many of our guests and all of them were happy and satisfied. Kraków is 85km from our place – about 1,5 hour drive.
  • Wieliczka salt mine – very interesting underground route through the mind leads you to the world where you are surrounded by the salt – salt walls, salt floors, salt sillings, salt sculptures, salt stairs, salt seats… On the route there is a chapel which is the biggest underground chapel in the world. And additionally it’s made in salt. Wieliczka salt mine is on UNESCO list. Here is the internet page of the mine
  • Auschwitz museum – museum in the former german nazi contentration camp (from the times of II world war). Here is the internet page of the museum:
  • Zakopane and Tatra mountains
  • Slovakia – Slovenski Raj, Levocza, Spiski Hrad, Stara Lubovla


Places where we personally like and we recommend to stop for dinner while car trip around:




  • Mszana Dolna Spontiusz (photos coming soon)
  • Limanowa Mekong


  • Limanowa Caprese Italian Restaurant (photos coming soon)